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The need for healthier spatial design is clear

Living in a walkable or cycle friendly neighborhood cuts chances of being overweight by 35%.

University of BC

Impact of air pollution on our intelligence is similar to losing one year of education.

Xi Chen at Yale School of public health

Access to green space is crucial to help children focus and decrease stress levels.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health



A one-day event to experience how healthy city design could benefit your business.

Description of workshop

Data Analysis & Mapping

Through data analytics, understand the potential impact of your business on people’s well-being today.

Spatial Strategy

Based on the data of the current state, discover how to improve people’s well-being in the future.

Healthy City G. was able to take a complicated large-scale dataset and turn it into an easily understood visual platform. They were receptive to our feedback, and their work has greatly helped us communicate our analysis across our organization