The Netherland’s fittest province

What does the province of Zuid-Holland – currently the Netherlands’ unhealthiest – have to do to become its healthiest?

*this project was done by our parent company PosadMaxwan before setting up our new spin-off Healthy City Global*

What kind of city does Rotterdam want to be in the future? How will it handle issues like climate change, the transport transition, and differences between groups of residents? With a new Dutch environmental law set to come into force, it’s time to turn the city’s ambitions into a vision for the future. The law, which goes into effect in 2021, will bring together previously separate rules relating to the human environment. Every municipality will have its own plan concerning the places where people live, work, study and play. The municipality of Rotterdam and PosadMaxwan have conducted a study in preparation for the city’s formulation of its environmental plan. We have outlined five scenarios that will help to guide Rotterdam into the future as, respectively, A compact city where densification and greening go hand in hand, An inclusive city of mixed neighborhoods with space for meeting others and participating in activities, A productive city that responds to international economic trends and provides room for innovative manufacturing businesses, A healthy city with cleaner air, smart climate adaptation solutions, and spatial interventions that invite people to get moving, A circular city with room for recycling and sustainable electricity generation. These scenarios are not intended as mutually exclusive choices; rather, they derive their power from the way they work together. They will inform officials’ actions and help to guide councillors and project initiators. They are flexible enough to help steer new ideas and developments and to assist in the creation of an environmental plan. Get the latest update on this project here