Do you want to get your community moving?

Are you creating a relaxing green space for your employees?

Or are you going the extra mile and aiming to improve the overall quality of life of your customers? 

No matter your scope, we can tailor our approach to your specific needs.

We'll host a complimentary scoping session with you and your core team to understand what success looks like for you.



A one-day event to experience how healthy city design could benefit your business.

Description of workshop


Data Analysis & Mapping

Through data analytics, understand the potential impact of your business on people’s well-being today.


Spatial Strategy

Based on the data of the current state, discover how to improve people’s well-being in the future.




We conduct an introductory half-day or full-day workshop. Together we will work on one of your real estate locations by analyzing a sample of well-being indicators, uncovering opportunities to improve the site, and designing a potential solution that incorporates our key principles.  

The workshop is intended to give you an insight into how we work and give us the opportunity to understand how best to deliver value to your business.  


Data Analysis & Mapping


We audit and assess your current real estate assets and/or any locations you’re looking to acquire, to understand their overall impact on people’s well-being. With this done we visualize our findings in interactive maps in order to illustrate where opportunities can be found. 

Our assessment factors in all relevant emerging trends—such as smart mobility, the future of work, etc.—to provide you with a competitive advantage.


Spatial Strategy


We provide you with a spatial strategy that focuses on leveraging existing infrastructure and initiatives so you can act and invest quickly and intelligently. Our strategies are designed for real-world impact—e.g. helping you reduce air and noise pollution.


Each strategy comes with a unique partnership ecosystem, connecting you to innovative organizations that can help you implement solutions.