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Updated: Jun 4, 2019


Photo by David Marcu

When we were younger, we looked forward to taking off those training wheels that were slowing us down from our opportunity to race, take a break or just roam free on our bikes. What we didn’t know is that in fact we were breaking free of stress, heart disease and were even increasing our longevity.

Did you know? Cycling everyday decreases premature death by 40%.

As we took off the training wheels in our careers, we’ve replaced our great love for cycling with one thing: sitting. We sit riding our cars or trains to work, we sit, thinking if we spend one more hour on that project, we will be more successful. We sit in front of our TV hoping to feel more relaxed. We have been so inactive that we unintentionally are lowering our ability to concentrate - our key to success – and are shortening our life in the meantime.

  • Not cycling nor being physically active is actually costing us more money than just investing in a new bike. Globally, physical inactivity is estimated to cost INT$ 14 billion in lost productivity. Taking a break from that long project will bring your company more benefit than sitting on it for even one more unmotivated minute.

Did you know? Burnout is now an official medical disease.
  • One of the major causes of burnout is work-related stress. De-stress yourself by cycling home from work, reducing mental fatigue, sleeplessness, and frustration, all of which are signs of burnout.

This #WorldBicycleDay we challenge you to grab those handle bars, take off those training wheels, and set yourself free again.

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